Haryana govt prepares development plan for Sohna


GURGAON: Paving the way for the development of an alternative city to Gurgaon,Haryana government has prepared a draft development plan for Sohna, which is being planned to accommodate 5.8 lakh people by 2031.

This means that in the next 19 years the population of this tiny municipal council is likely to increase at least eight times. Sohna’s present population is around 67,785, as per 2011 census.

The town is only 24km from Gurgaon and about 56km from Delhi. The state government had earlier come out with a draft plan in March 2008 with a provision to accommodate 1.68 lakh by 2021. But considering the rapid changes the government revised the plan.

According to the draft plan, at least 6,110 hectare would come under urbanization, which would exclude the present area of Sohna town and its adjoining villages totalling around 391 hectare. At least one-sixth of the 6,110 hectare would be left as green belts and open spaces. Similarly, 425 hectare would be left as forest land.

Considering the manner in which housing needs are growing across NCR, the government proposes to keep 1,703 hectare of land for residential purposes and 271 hectare for commercial activities. Moreover, 1,236 hectare would be earmarked for industrial use. The density of population would be 300 persons per hectare.