Meeting fails to find way to decongest Gurgaon toll plaza


Gurgaon, September 13
A three-hour meeting of officials of Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd (DGSCL), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the district administration and the Gurgaon traffic police failed to yield any concrete plan to decongest the eway.
A majority of the array of solutions suggested by DGSCL failed to get consent from the other three parties.
Claiming that the widening of the toll plaza was the need of the hour, the company suggested acquisition of more land to add more lanes, but the NHAI rejected the proposal.
“The simplest way to deal with the jams and congestion is to create more lanes and we need the support of both HUDA and NHAI for that. While HUDA supported the idea, NHAI did not approve of it and suggested the alternative of staggered lanes,” revealed an official of DGSCL.

The company had given a try to staggered kiosks after the court’s intervention. However, it had failed to improve the situation.
The company suggested that a few lanes could be made free and the toll could be charged at a distance of 100 metres from the current plaza.
The second solution suggested was to get the traffic police to ensure and strictly enforce lane discipline wherein cash users could be penalised for entering the tag lanes. This would ensure a faster movement of the traffic, especially in tag lanes.
“Now only 35 per cent of the vehicles passing though the toll plaza have tags. If we enforce this plan, we will have better lane discipline and more people would opt for tags, resulting in a faster movement of traffic,” it argued.
While NHAI officials proposed touch-and-go cards, DGSCL officials clarified that the tag already worked on that principle, but it had not helped much.
It was also suggested to close the U-turn at the Ambience Mall and make an alternative route. The suggestion could not be taken further.
Interestingly, several such steps (of blocking U-turns and dividing lanes between cash and tag users) have already been tried, but they have not helped much in decongesting traffic. The officials will soon meet again to resolve the issue.